Tomato Grill - Catering (Chicken, Veal, Seafood and more)
Chicken           Veal
D'Agnese's                     $3             $5
   signature lemon butter sauce

Parmigiana                 $3 $5 

   topped with mozzarella cheese

                $3.5       $6

   marsala mushroom sauce

Picatta                   $3.5       $6

   artichokes, roasted red peppers, 
   and capers in a lemon wine sauce

Saltimbocca                             $3.5                 $6
   topped with proscuitto, spinach, 
   mozzarella, and a marsala mushroom sauce

 Seafood and Filet Mignon


   D'Agnese's        $2 per piece
   Picatta        $2.5 per piece 

Salmon                   $12 per person
   6 oz. salmon pan seared with lemon butter

Prime Filet Mignon           Market Price
   6 oz. sliced, medium rare 
The Taste

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